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How It Works

Enter your ZIP Code to see the ten nearest retail locations where you can pay in cash. Compare features and prices of different payment types (virtual cards, gift cards, etc.)

At the store, load the amount you wish onto the card you have selected and pay the upfront fee (between $1.95 and $5.95). Please note, each card has different limits as to how much you can load -- between $25 and $500.


Some cards will require you to return to your computer and register your name and address at their site. This is very important: Intenet merchants will only process payments on cards that have registered addresses.

That's it. You are ready to start shopping. You will have a new, fully activated 16-digit card number along with a CVC2 code and an expiration date which you can use in most online shopping carts.

What are the Benefits of Using a Prepaid Card Online?

It's Fast
Available at over 60,000 stores in the United States, you will be shopping online in minutes.

It's Safe
Prepaid debit cards loaded by cash work just like any other debit card -- for payments, refunds, and buyer protection.

It's Private
No personal financial information required and no personal financial information will be given to the merchants you buy from. Using "gift" or non-reloadable prepaid cards limit any potential losses to just the value of what you loaded on the card.

It's Trusted
Brands such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover all offer prepaid debit cards.

It's Inexpensive
PaidByCash is less expensive than a money order and other prepaid cards -- and is accepted more places online than a money order or a personal check.